Olympiad “Features of the criminal process in ensuring the rule of law”

On November 29, 2018, will take place the International Subject Olympiad in the criminal case of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Features of the criminal process in ensuring the rule of law”, organized by the Department of “Law” of the Faculty of Economics and Law of the International Humanitarian-Technical University.

The Olympiad consists of 4 rounds.

Students of MSTU and other universities will take part in the Olympiad.

Duration of the Olympiad: 11/29/2018

Registration of participants – until 11/23/2018

Students of the team applying for participation must register.

The team consists of 5 students. Registration room 504 Passes at the Chair of “Law”, responsible for registration S. Ashimova

Email: arai_92@inbox.ru

Telephone: 87752428092

Venue: Shymkent, 9/4 Zheltoksan Street, Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan

Summing up the results of the Olympiad – 11/29/2018

Awarding of the winners of the Olympiad, 11/29/2018

Method of evaluation of Olympiad’s participants

The first round – “Presentation” – the groups present themselves for 3-5 minutes, 5-10 points

The second round – “Question – answer” – cells are displayed on a special screen, groups answer the questions asked by selecting cells. This stage consists of 2 rounds, 5-10 points.

The third round – “Video – questions.” Competition among teams. 5-10 points

The fourth round – “Reports on the subject of the criminal process in the Republic of Kazakhstan”. Competition among teams. This stage consists of 2 rounds, 5-10 points.

Winners and prize-winners of the Olympiad

The winner of the Olympiad – Grand Prix winners.

Prize-winners are awarded with diplomas of І, ІІ and ІІІ places. Winners and prize-winners are awarded with a special award.


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