Second higher education

According to the observations of specialists in the field of employment, in recent years there has been a tendency of a sharp increase in the number of applicants with two higher educations. First of all, this is explained by the fact that one higher education is often not enough to get a prestigious job in a large company, as a modern employer is looking for a “unique” multidisciplinary specialist and is even willing to pay the holder of two diplomas twice as much. That is why, having not a single diploma of higher professional education in your personal portfolio, when looking for a job it is easier to make a worthy competition to other applicants and occupy the desired position.

The reasons for which you have to get a second diploma of higher education, are not only in finding a job. Quite often, the second higher education is necessary for moving up the career ladder, deepening or expanding knowledge in the field of their profession, and sometimes for personal purposes. Such a need may arise at any time, so someone enters the second higher education immediately after receiving the first diploma, and someone after a few years.

The second higher education is a competitive advantage in the modern changing world. Having two diplomas is gradually becoming the standard for ambitious people who want to start their own business.

Often this is due to disappointment in the first specialty received. Indeed, at the age of 17–18, most applicants find it difficult to choose a profession for the rest of their lives, and parents, guided by the ideas of how best, force their children to enroll in “prestigious” faculties.

In addition, the resulting specialty may lose its appeal. After all, knowledge may become obsolete, lose relevance, and some professionals want to understand related issues.

The second higher education can give:

– general erudition;

– knowledge and skills of a comprehensive, multidisciplinary specialist;

– great opportunities to choose a place of work;

– increasing demand for and competitiveness in the labor market;

– full retraining;

Documents required for admission to the second higher education:

  1. application addressed to the head of the organization;
  2. diploma of higher education (original);
  3. photo format 3×4 – 6 pcs .;
  4. medical certificate in the form 086-U;
  5. address reference;
  6. copy of identity card;

International Humanitarian and Technical University

5В010200 – Pedagogy and methodology of primary education
5В010300 – Pedagogy and psychology
5В010600 – Musical education
5В010800 – Physical Culture and sport
5В010900 – Mathematics
5В011200 – Chemistry
5В011300 – Biology
5В011400 – History
5В011600 – Geography
5В011700 – Kazakh language and literature
5В011900 – Foreign language: two foreign languages
5В012000 – Professional education
5В012200 – Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of education
5В012500 – Chemistry-Biology
5В030100 – Jurisprudence
5В042100 – Design
5В050600 – Economics
5В050800 – Accounting and Auditing
5В050900 – Finance
5В060200 – Computer science
5В060800 – Ecology
5В070300 – Information Systems
5В070400 – Computing technique and software
5В073200 – Standardization and certification /by industry/

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