1. Application for admission;
  2. Certificate of general secondary or diploma of initial professional or secondary vocational education (original);
  3. Photo format 3×4 – 6 pcs .;
  4. Medical certificate in the form 086-u;
  5. Vaccination card according to the form 063;
  6. Photograph of fluorography;
  7. Address reference;
  8. Certificate of unt or integrated testing;
  9. Grant award certificate (if any);
  10. A copy of the identity card;
  11. The registration certificate (for men).

International Humanitarian and Technical University

5В010200 – Pedagogy and methodology of primary education
5В010300 – Pedagogy and psychology
5В010600 – Musical education
5В010800 – Physical Culture and sport
5В010900 – Mathematics
5В011200 – Chemistry
5В011300 – Biology
5В011400 – History
5В011600 – Geography
5В011700 – Kazakh language and literature
5В011900 – Foreign language: two foreign languages
5В012000 – Professional education
5В012200 – Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of education
5В012500 – Chemistry-Biology
5В030100 – Jurisprudence
5В042100 – Design
5В050600 – Economics
5В050800 – Accounting and Auditing
5В050900 – Finance
5В060200 – Computer science
5В060800 – Ecology
5В070300 – Information Systems
5В070400 – Computing technique and software
5В073200 – Standardization and certification /by industry/

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