International relations

International Humanitarian-Technical University has concluded agreements in the field of international cooperation:

  • Polytechnic University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain;
  • Technical University of Applied Sciences, Wildau, Germany
  • AGH Science and Technology University, Krakow, Poland;
  • Plovdiv University of Food Technologies, Bulgaria;
  • Institute of Law, St. Petersburg, Russia;
  • National Research Technological University “MISiS”, Russia
  • Perm State University, Russia;
  • Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University, Yaroslavl, Russia;
  • Eastern Economic and Law Academy of Humanities, Tomsk, Russia;
  • Autonomous non-profit educational organization “Siberian Institute of Continuing Supplementary Education”, Omsk, Russia;
  • Omsk State Pedagogical University, Omsk, Russia;
  • “Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus on Food”, Belarus;
  • Belarus State Agrarian Technical University, Minsk, Belarus;
  • Tajik Pedagogical Institute in Penjikent, Tajikistan;
  • Kyrgyz State University named after A. Arabaev, Kyrgyzstan;
  • Manas Kyrgyz-Turkish University, Kyrgyzstan,
  • Toshken Islam Karimov State Technical University, Uzbekistan;
  • Institute of the Gene Pool of Flora and Fauna of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan.


From 10/22/2018 to 11/02/2018, teachers of our university on academic mobility conducted classes in the Tajik Pedagogical Institute.

From 11/12/2018 to 11/16/2018, Professor AGH of the Scientific and Technical University Jacek Ceslik read lectures on the topic “ATI Technologies” for technical students.

Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations – A.N. Zhylysbaeva, Head of the Department for International Relations and Academic Mobility – Z. E. Sydykov at the meeting with Professor Jacek Ceslik.

From 11/24/2018 to 12/07/2018 associate professor, Ph.D. Sabyrova M.E. and students of the specialty 5B011900 “Foreign language: two foreign languages” – Eralieva May Milena, Alpysbay Altynai, took part in the conference “Perspektywy-Women in Tech Summit”, which was held in Warsaw, Poland, and also had overseas internship at the AGH Scientific Technical University in the city of Krakow.

Meeting with the ambassador of Kazakhstan in Poland Baimuhan Margulan Bakytula

Meeting with Vice-rector for development of pedagogical University of Krakow

From 11/19/2018 to 11/30/2018 Professor of Omsk State Pedagogical University Arkady Arkadyevich Petrusevich for teachers of our university in the framework of advanced training in teaching methods gave lectures on the topic: “Modern educational technologies in higher education

From 01/14/2019 to 01/22/2019 university lecturers have passed an international internship at AGH Scientific and Technical University in Krakow, Poland.

Rector of the international Humanitarian-Technical University – Kistaubaev E. I. and the teaching staff of the University at a meeting with the rector of the University of science and technology AGH, Professor Tadeusz Slomka.

In Krakow, Poland

In Berlin, Germany.

Meeting with the rector of the Tajik Pedagogical University M.K. Ansori. In order to increase the effectiveness of international cooperation, intensive and fruitful work is being conducted between universities.


Candidate of Philology – Ahmet Gungor and Master Ahmet Uymaz held a seminar “Interrelation of Turkish and Kazakh languages”  

The rector of the university, Professor B.N.Korganbaev, took part in the VI meeting of the Scientific and Educational Consortium between universities and research institutes of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus.

Professor AGH Science and Technology University (Krakow, Poland) Jacek Ceslic at IHTU.

In order to implement the program of academic mobility of teaching staff on the basic principles of the Bologna Declaration, Professor, doctor of pedagogical sciences A.L. Zhokhov of Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushinsky gave a master class for IHTU teachers.

Associate Professor at the Institute of the Gene Pool of Flora and Fauna of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Candidate of Biological Sciences – Keldibekov S., visiting the university.

Kenan Semiz – “National culture of the Turkish people” and Turgai Akdurush – “Borrowed words in Turkish and their changes” at a seminar organized by the university

Vice-rector for educational and methodical work and innovative technologies, candidate of economic Sciences – M.E. Sabyrova took part in the conference, which was held at the Multimedia University, Melaka, Malaysia.

Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor Zhylysbaeva A.N. at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Valencia, Spain)

Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor Zhylysbaeva A.N., during a lecture to undergraduates on the topic “Water Ecology” at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Valencia, Spain)




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