Mission of the University

Implementation of educational programs on the basis of innovative technologies in order to prepare highly skilled and competitive personnel to appropriate requirements of employers of the Republic of Kazakhstan regions.

Purpose: training of qualified specialists in accordance with the needs of society and the state based on quality education for consumers at all levels.

The task of the university is to orient students to the future, to intensify their thinking, cognitive activity, to form mental abilities of a person, spiritual and moral replenishment of education, to form, cultivate new cultural values among students.

For this it is necessary: ​​to conduct the educational and educational process in parallel, along with the training and education of the young man as a specialist; to raise the social status of a scientist and teacher to an appropriate level; improve the professional level and pedagogical skills of teaching staff, increase the degree of teaching staff; improve the quality of higher education in the new environment, improve the system for managing the quality of education; develop a system of multi-level training of professional specialists and scientific personnel (bachelor, master, PhD); strengthen educational, laboratory and material resources, including by attracting investments from enterprises, organizations, funds and companies; improve the intellectual level of students, young professionals, through academic mobility of students, teaching staff and university staff.

The IHTU quality policy is aimed at improving the quality of education and ensuring the competitiveness of university graduates in order to meet the needs of the region and the country for highly qualified, competitive personnel.

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