Informational department

Head of Information Department – Mataev Beksultan Baigaliuly

The information department of the university informs the public about the activities of the institute through the media and organizes work on the formation and development of the creative initiative of students in the information and communication field.

The main purpose of the department is to provide information to the residents of the district and the region about the activities of the International Humanitarian Technical University.

The information department performs the following functions:

  1. Phototaping of events held at IHTU;
  2. Creating and maintaining an archive of broadcast videos and published printed materials on the activities of IHTU;
  3. Providing information communication and electronic exchange of information with media organizations

The information department prepares news, interviews, reports and texts of other genres for the IHTU corporate portal, as well as third-party media.

On the main page of the portal we talk about what is happening at the International Humanitarian Technical University, the widest possible audience – the Kazakh scientific community, journalists, applicants, students and graduates of IHTU. Information of interest to a wide audience is the main principle that guides the information department when choosing topics and events for coverage.

Send information about the upcoming event at least one week before the event by e-mail so that we can plan our work.


Head of Department – Mataev Beksultan Baygaliuly

Office: 4th floor, aud. 403a, Rysқulova 27/2, Shymkent.

Telephone: 8 747-141-13-18.


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