Department of Practice

The head of the department of practice – Myrzakhmetova Zaure Tolenkyzy

The Department of Practice directs students to enterprises (organizations), which are defined as practical bases for educational organizations to undergo professional training for students.
The activities of the department: aimed at consolidating the theoretical knowledge of the student, obtaining practical skills and competence, as well as mastering advanced experience.
Department of Practice: liaises between those responsible for the practice of faculties, departments and educational-methodical council, methodological commissions, and also controls their work.
The purpose of the practice:
The purpose of this practice is the integrated development of all types of professional activity, the formation of general and professional competence, as well as the development of knowledge and skills in practical work in the field.
Practice tasks:
-the formation of practical and communication skills in accordance with the requirements of the educational standard of higher education.
-the formation of experience in educational and organizational work;
-the formation of the professional skill of the specialist who meets the new requirements;
-the formation of professional skills and abilities in the introduction of professional activities, as well as the close connection of students with various types of practical activities;
-the formation of research and creative methods in the professional practice of students, the acquisition of skills, the ability to analyze the results of their work.


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