Department of methodical and innovative technologies

The Head of Department of methodical and innovative technologies, candidate of Economics, Senior Lecturer Balabekova Dina Burkitbaykyzy

The Department of methodical and innovative technologies is a structural subdivision of the University, which organizes, plans, controls and evaluates methodical and innovative work aimed at improving the quality of education, mastering future specialists with their profession at the level to be highly competitive in the labor market and being in demand.

Main tasks:

– Methodical support for the implementation of educational programs;

– Development of instructions necessary for methodical and innovative work, respectively, the requirements of the standards and their approval. Providing them with the structural units of the university;

– Monitors the provision of educational process educational and electronic literature;

– To facilitate the work of teachers in preparing for the publication of textbooks, teaching aids, copyright programs;

– To monitor, evaluate the methodological and innovative work of faculties, departments;

– Providing analytical information to the management of the university on the results of the search, the study of new innovative learning technologies;


– To search and study of information on the improvement of methodological work in universities and new innovative learning technologies;

– Analysis of the security of the studied disciplines of specialties of the university educational, methodological and electronic literature and offer recommendations;

– Control, evaluation of the organization and conduct of methodological and innovative work in faculties, departments;

– Consideration of the content, design of educational materials prepared by teachers for publication and making decisions;

– Consideration of the contents of the catalogs of elective disciplines (modules);

– Organization and holding of conferences, seminars, round tables and other events regarding methodical and innovative work;

– To promote the formation of the university electronic fund in the disciplines of specialties;

– The study, evaluation and approval of complexes in the field and disciplines;

– Attending teachers’ open classes, discussing results and making decisions;

– Organization of monitoring the satisfaction of all participants (students, teaching staff, employers, etc.) of the educational process conducted at the university methodical and innovative work;

– Processing and analysis of the implementation of the plan of methodological and innovative work of faculties and departments;

– Reporting on the activities of the methodical and innovative work of the university management.


Employees of the Department of methodical and innovative technologies:

Balabekova Dina Burkitbaevna, Ph.D. – Head of Department

Contact details:

Telephone: 87021012512

Cabinet 203 building Baytursynov st.


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