Department of monitoring and employment

Head of the Monitoring Department – Zhanteeva Aina Turekhanovna

The monitoring department is a structural subdivision of the university, which ensures the organization and conduct of an assessment of the level of knowledge of students, as well as monitoring of the educational process, involving all its stakeholders.

Main goals:

– Ensuring an objective assessment of the level of knowledge of students;

– Identification of the level of indicators of the quality of education;

– Providing analytical information to the leadership of the university to search for relevant technologies in the teaching and organization of the educational process.

The functions:

– Organization and conduct of computer testing of students;

– Formation of the university fund of test assignments in the disciplines of specialties;

– Creation of a database of students participating in computer testing;

– Processing of test results;

– Creation of conditions for a qualitative assessment of students’ knowledge;

– Drawing up the schedule for the examination sessions;

– Request for necessary information for the organization of testing and monitoring;

– Organization of monitoring of the satisfaction of all participants (trainees, teachers, employers, etc.) of the educational process by various aspects of the educational process, their social mood and attitude to social reality, as well as activity in various spheres of social reality;

– Processing and analysis of the results of monitoring the satisfaction of internal and external consumers of the University’s educational services;

– Reporting on the activities of the testing and monitoring department to the management of the university.

A conceptual model of internal monitoring of the educational process, based on the principles of ISO international standards, was proposed. It is shown that a systematic approach allows us to make an adequate conclusion about the competence of each individual teacher, reliably assess the quality of his work.

Employees of the monitoring and employment department:

Zhanteeva Aina Turekhanovna – Head of Department

Keldebekov Sabyr – Programmer

Contact information:

Phone: 87478686322; Office phone: 771552

Cabinet 117 of the corps


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