Department of Postgraduate Education

The head of the department of postgraduate education – Akhmetova Aigul Esengeldikizyz

The master is the second stage of the modern three-stage system of training “bachelor – master – doctoral PhD”. Training in the magistracy is aimed at training specialists capable of carrying out successful research, teaching, research and development and innovation activities in Kazakhstan and international companies.

Professional postgraduate program will allow you to become a true professional, to solve modern problems, to be guided by acquired knowledge and skills in a modern competitive environment, in management and research activities.

The master’s diploma from the International Humanitarian and Technical University is a state diploma that provides not only fundamental training, but also instrumental knowledge and skills that are highly valued in finding employment in leading Kazakhstani and foreign companies, which testifies to the high qualification of our graduates.

Directions and terms of training

Scientific and pedagogical (previous level of education – bachelor degree or higher special education without work experience), the period of study is 2 years.

Profile (previous level of education – bachelor degree or higher special education), the term of study is 1 year, 1.5 years.

Full-time form of education.

Training languages: Kazakh, Russian.

Training conditions: training is carried out on state grants and on a contractual basis.

Academic degree:

  • Scientific and pedagogical magistracy: Master of Science MSc (in the relevant specialty).
  • Profile magistracy: Master (in the relevant specialty).

Responsibilities of the postgraduate education department:

– Direction, control and organization of scientific research of magistrates of the Air Defense Department

– Control and organization of the educational process in the preparation of undergraduates in all forms, together with the graduating department

Employees of the postgraduate education department:

  1. Akhmetova Aigul Esengeldievna – head of the department;
  2. Bailarova Tursynay Khuzhakhmedovna – leading specialist of the department;
  3. Fazyl Rosa Adbikhalykkyzy – office registrar of the department;
  4. Maden Zhanar Yerbatyrkyzy – methodologist of the department.

Telephone for information: 8-707-645-93-16


Akhmetova Aigul Esengeldievna

Master of Education,

Head of Department

Address: Shymkent, st. T.Ryskulov №27/2, 204 room

Phone: 8-771-88-22-555


Bailarova Tursynay Khuzhakhmedovna

Master of Education,

Leading specialist of the department

Address:  Shymkent, st. T.Ryskulov №27/2, 204 room

Phone: 8-705-367-54-08


Fazyl Rosa Adbikhalykkyzy

Master of Education

Office registrar of the department

Address:  Shymkent, st. T.Ryskulov №27/2, 204 room

Phone: 8-702-628-77-65


Maden Zhanar Yerbatyrkyzy,

Methodologist of the department

Address:  Shymkent, st. T.Ryskulov №27/2, 204 room

Phone: 8-778-209-13-93


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