Department of Quality Management and Accreditation

Head of Department of Quality Management and Accreditation –Kylyshbayeva Gulnar Bakiramovna

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor. In 1983 she graduated from the faculty of “Biology” of Karaganda State University. She has a specialty Biologist, a teacher of biology and chemistry and has 183 published scientific papers, textbooks, teaching aids. In 2009, she was awarded the title of “The best teacher of the university” (MES RK Order number 34 dated 02/01/2010).

The main tasks and functions of the department:

 Development of the credit system of education and its approximation to international standards;

Promoting increased competence and increased mobility of students and teachers;

 Ensuring the development of cooperation in the field of quality education with international quality networks for the exchange of information and experience.

 Monitoring and coordination of work to improve the performance of the QMS and the accreditation of MSTU

 Conducting updating of the quality manual;

 Improvement of quality management system documents;

 Implementation of the collection of data on the functioning of the QMS and their submission to senior management for analysis;

 Development and implementation of Action Plans for the improvement of activities, corrective and preventive actions;

 Ensuring the planning and conduct of internal audits;

 Coordination of work on accreditation and support of the accreditation procedure;

 Collection, processing and analysis of information on the university and individual educational programs;

 Organization and analysis of self-assessment materials submitted by faculties, departments and working groups on the program being accredited and the university as a whole,

Providing faculties and structural subdivisions with information and methodological materials on the issues of institutional accreditation and accreditation of educational programs;

 Control over the implementation of regulatory documents on accreditation issues;

 Consultation of university staff on matters within the competence of the department.

Correspondence: Republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent, 160000,

International Humanitarian and Technical University, 80 Baytursynov Street, office 207.

Work phone: 8 701 302 58 27


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