Department of Youth and Culture

Chairman of the Committee on Youth Affairs – Dzhamieva Balzhan Artykkyzy

The Youth Committee of the International Humanitarian and Technical University is focused on the active participation of the university in the development of the student’s personality and represents the activities of the university administration, its departments, various public associations, aimed at ensuring the socio-economic, political, cultural and spiritual development of young people.

Today at the International Humanitarian and Technical University, the active of the Committee on Youth Organizations is the main organizer and initiator of numerous socially significant events at faculties and dormitories of the university.

Aims and objectives of the Committee on Youth Affairs:

  • promoting the intellectual, professional, socio-cultural and physical development of students and young scientists of the university;
  • fostering a patriot of his country who cares about the economic prosperity and continuity of the spiritual values ​​of our society; a citizen who actively participates in state and public life, a highly developed person who knows the history and culture of his people, his achievements in science, literature and art.
  • empowering young people to achieve personal success;
  • development and implementation of the creative and innovative potential of young people;
  • identifying, promoting and supporting the activity and achievements of young people in the socio-economic, scientific, creative and sports fields;
  • formation of positive work motivation, high business activity, successful mastery of the basic principles and skills of effective behavior in the field of labor and vocational training in young people;
  • creation of a system to counteract the spread of anti-social phenomena among young people.

Sector of the University Youth Committee:

  • Chairman of the Youth Committee
  • Student Administration
  • Student dean
  • Wardens of the academic group
  • Chairperson of the Student Council

For the versatile development of the personality of students at the university there are many clubs of interest and amateur associations that carry out their activities in various directions.

  • Student Administration
  • Youth wing “Zhas Otan” of the party “Nur Otan”
  • Literary and creative club “Kyran”
  • Scientific and educational club “TUMAR”
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