Educational Department

The Head of Educational Department – Leubaev Mamirbek Pernebekuly


  • Long-term planning of academic processes, timely organization and profitable distribution, and in this regard, the development of the educational process occurs due to the introduction of process automation.
  • Improving the quality of services offered to the consumer.
  • Continuous improvement of professional and personal qualities of the department staff.


  • Planning of the educational process, organization and management;
  • Implementation of educational programs of the relevant state license entitling the introduction of educational services appropriate state compulsory standards of higher professional education.
  • Management training curriculum for specialty
  • Determination of conducted subjects by departments.
  • Distribution of class schedules, guidance on the creation of flows of academic groups across the university.
  • Definition of hours of study load.
  • Provision of static data on the movement of the contingent and report to the controlling organizations.
  • Reporting and verification of university staff.
  • Report of academic loads of professors of the university departments.
  • Approval of managers and thesis topics.


  • Distribution and monitor the implementation of the registrar office work in the preparation of timetables and examinations respectively curriculum.
  • Distribution and calculation of teaching loads of faculty members.
  • Distribution of the classroom fund for the educational process.
  • Identification of professional practical bases for students and monitoring the availability of contracting.
  • Proposal for approval of annual loads of staffing departments and fill the curriculum of teachers.
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