Faculty of correspondence, evening and distance learning

The head of the faculty is Candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor Ordabaev Nagyzbek Ordabaevich.

The faculty of correspondence, evening and distance education was established in 2008 on the basis of the order No. …… of 2008. The head of the faculty is Candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor Ordabaev Nagyzbek Ordabaevich.

Education at the faculty is conducted in three languages (Kazakh, Russian, English) on credit and distance technology. In the process of training on credit technology is used the automated system PLATONUS. The term of study in an accelerated correspondence form is 2 years, a shortened evening and correspondence form is 3 years, a full evening is 5 years.

The faculty is proud of the achievements of its students:

Baglan Inkarbek – Champion of the World Winter Universiade in freestyle acrobatics, Sergey Yemelyanov – Five-time champion of the world youth kayak and canoe rowing championship, Arman Ospanov – three-time world champion in ultimate fighting,

Elzhanov Shyngys – World weightlifting champion among youth.

The list of specialties for the preparation of undergraduate:

  • 5В010200 – Pedagogy and methodology of primary education
  • 5В010300 – Pedagogy and psychology
  • 5В010600 – Musical education
  • 5В010700 – Fine art and drawing
  • 5В010800 – Physical Culture and sport
  • 5В010900 – Mathematics
  • 5В011200 – Chemistry
  • 5В011300 – Biology
  • 5В011400 – History
  • 5В011600 – Geography
  • 5В011700 – Kazakh language and literature
  • 5В011900 – Foreign language: two foreign languages
  • 5В012000 – Professional education
  • 5В030100 – Jurisprudence
  • 5В050600 – Economics
  • 5В050800 – Accounting and Auditing
  • 5В050900 – Finance
  • 5В060200 – Computer science
  • 5В060800 – Ecology
  • 5В070400 – Computing technique and software
  • 5В073200 – Standardization and certification /by industry/

The faculty includes 9 departments. The faculty is equipped with computer classes, a library and an electronic training room, which are connected to the Internet system.

The mission of the faculty is to provide high quality pedagogical, humanitarian, social and natural science education, contributing to the formation of a comprehensively developed, harmonious personality of the future specialist of MSTU, promoting spiritual, moral and civic-patriotic education of young people in the framework of the «Rukhany Zhangyru», «Mangilik El», «Digital Kazakhstan».

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