Chair of Business

The head of the chair is Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Kalykulov Kuatbek Mukhtarbekovich

The chair “Business” has been training students in the following specialties: 5В050900 – “Finance”, 5В050800 – “Accounting and Audit, 5В050600 – “Economy” and 5В010000 – “State and Local Administration”.

There are 37 professors and teachers at the chair; of them 2 doctors of sciences, 1-Phd doctor, 14 candidates of sciences, 19 masters, 9 senior teachers:

  1. Kalykulov K.M., candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
  2. Uskenov M.K. candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
  3. candidate of Economic Sciences, Senior Lecturer Ertaev E.Zh.,
  4. Syzdykov B.Sh.
  5. Baytugelov O.B. senior lecturer Ph.D.
  6. Nurymbetov T. candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
  7. Balabekova D.B. senior teacher Ph.D.
  8. Abilasym A. candidate of Economic Sciences, senior lecturer
  9. Orazova B.B. candidate of Economic Sciences, senior lecturer
  10. Sabirova M.Е. Ph.D., senior lecturer
  11. Akabekova G.N. candidate of Economic Sciences, senior lecturer
  12. Isametova A.N. candidate of Economic Sciences, senior lecturer
  13. Turlybekova A.A. Аssociate Professor Ph.D.
  14. Kulbay B.S.senior lecturer Ph.D.
  15. Talasov M.Zh. senior lecturer Doctor Phd.
  16. Talasov G.М. senior lecturer Ph.D.
  17. Satenov B.I. senior lecturer Candidate of Economic Sciences
  18. Bastarova U.B. Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor
  19. Tanabaeva G.T. the senior teacher, master
  20. Orazbaeva A. Senior Lecturer, Master
  21. Mutalieva A.A. Senior Lecturer, Master
  22. Saparbayeva S.A. Senior Lecturer, Master
  23. Arapbayeva Zh.Sh. the master teacher,
  24. Asyrauov D. the master teacher
  25. Kaukeshova R.A. the senior teacher, master
  26. Turgunova N. the senior teacher, master
  27. Harova the master teacher,
  28. Amangeldiev D.Zh. Senior Lecturer, Master
  29. Seitova V.N. teacher
  30. Satybaldina A.O. Senior teacher Master,
  31. Mukhamedkhanova A.B. Senior Lecturer, Master,
  32. Utebekova B. the master teacher,
  33. Abylkasym A.S. the master teacher,
  34. Karasakhova the master teacher,
  35. Turabaeva G.K. the senior teacher the master,
  36. Қoldiyarov A.D.,the master teacher,
  37. Shokhahova G.I. the master teacher,

The practice is aimed at comprehensive mastering all types of professional activity by students, formation of general and professional competencies, as well as acquiring necessary skills and experience of practical work in specialty.

The practice is carried out due to the agreement with the following enterprises:CLR “Shyng Қurylys Saulet”, CLR “Makhalbai”, CLR “Beyarys  Stroy”, CLR “Otan”.

For organization of education process, helding all types of lecture and practical trainings, scientific-research work of students of chair, rooms 412, 414 equipped with an interactive Board are fixed, and also provided with the specialized program “1C Accounting 8.2” for full and qualitative training the university works on strengthening of material -technical base.

A Chair “Business” annually organizes student intellectual games and scientific seminars, round tables, in addition students of the EP participate in regional, republican Olympiads and scientific projects, performing competitions, intellectual games “RSIU Leader “.

Students of the 2nd course of the EP 5B050800 “Accounting and Audit” Seydrakhym Symbat and Nazarbekova Dilbar participated in the intellectual game “RSIU Leader”. On a professional holiday “Accountant Day” 06.10.2017. a chair  “Business” organized a “round table” on the topic: “Actual issues of accounting and taxation.” The students showed great interest and actively discussed the key issues of the topic.

Students of the EP actively participate in the actions “Vitamin v. Nicotine”, “Movement Against AIDS”, various charitable actions – “Zhan Zhyluyi”, etc. under the leadership of the Youth Committee. On the 12.01.2016.third-year students: Tolemisova Sandugash, Orynbasar Saltanat, Doskayir Aizhan and Zulpykhar Dinislam participated in the charity action “Movement against AIDS”.

At the chair there is a students scientific circle “Zhas esepshi” (Zhas yesepshi). Student scientific circles – one of the forms of scientific activity of students of the EP, aimed at expanding the scientific potential and the formation of skills of scientific research activities for students in their free time or specially provided time.

The teaching staff of the chair undergoes lifelong learning for qualification improvement of teachers for the purpose of learning students-centered teaching technologies, informing students about the principles of student-centered learning, their new role and rights.

The goal of the TS qualification improvement is to teach innovative technologies in the profile, innovative forms and methods of teaching. All teachers annually attend seminars and practical trainings on improvement of methods of information technologies application.

The research work of a student of KhZh-116 group, Mukhtarbek Nazerke, was awarded the nomination “Best Project” in the republican competition of scientific projects, and the author was awarded the badge “Zhas Daryn”.

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