Chair of Law

Head of the department – Ph.D., Senior Lecturer N.R. Bizhan

At the department of “Law” of the faculty “Business and Technology”, masters are trained in the specialties 5В030100-Jurisprudence, 6М030100 – Jurisprudence (magistracy). In the 2016-2017 academic year, the university passed the international accreditation. Graduates with a specialty 5В030100- Jurisprudence work in:

– judicial bodies;

– department of Justice;

– the prosecutor’s office;

– management of internal affairs;

– national Anti-Corruption Bureau;

– in the customs committee;

– bar;

– the land committee, that is, in all government bodies and can work in any private organizations.

Specialists are trained in the Kazakh and Russian languages. Events at the department are held in the Kazakh language. Today, the department has 20 professors, including: 3 Doctors of Law, 6 Candidates of Law, 1 Associate Professor of Law, 5 senior teachers, 15 masters of law.

Duration of training:

  1. Bachelor (day) – 4 years
  2. Bachelor (in absentia and remotely) 2 and 3 years
  3. Master’s (profile direction) – 1 year
  4. Master’s (scientific and pedagogical) – 2 years

Today, the department has 30 professors, including: 3 doctors of law, 7 candidates of law, 5 senior teachers, 15 masters of law.

In particular:

  1. Bizhan N.R., Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
  2. Shaibekov K.A., Doctor of Law, Professor
  3. Bekbosynov E.T., Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Doctor PhD,
  4. Turғaraev M., Candidate of Laws, Senior Lecturer
  5. Dayrabaeva G,M,, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
  6. Rakhmetova G.R., Doctor of Law, Senior Lecturer
  7. Kalkanova Zh.S., Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
  8. Nurymbetov A., Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
  9. Ermanқұlov M.K., Senior Lecturer
  10. Karaeva A.O., Senior Lecturer
  11. Baiterekova K.B., Senior Lecturer
  12. Imanberdiev S.A. ,Senior Lecturer
  13. Sartayeva Sh.Sh., Senior Lecturer
  14. Eskenderova G.T., Senior Lecturer
  15. Aitul S.A., master teacher
  16. Abdrakhmanova M.B., master teacher
  17. Aydarbekova K., master teacher
  18. Alimkulova J., master teacher
  19. Turegeldiev B.U., master teacher
  20. Persheev A.S., master teacher
  21. Ashimova A.A., master teacher
  22. Sarsenova M., Master Teacher
  23. Sadikova D., Master Teacher
  24. Akchabayev Sh., Master Lecturer
  25. Aytkulova E.A., master teacher
  26. Yusupaliev B.ZH., master teacher
  27. Uvaidaeva Sh., Master teacher.

The practice of students is aimed at the integrated development of all types of professional activity in practice, the formation of general and professional competencies, as well as the development of the skills and abilities of practical work in the specialty.

Practice is an important component in the training of highly qualified specialists and is carried out at various enterprises, organizations, government agencies, research centers, etc.

In accordance with the memorandum concluded between IHTU and the South Kazakhstan Regional Court, students in practice improve the theoretical knowledge gained at the university.

Participants of the scientific conference held in the court of the SKR Doctor of Law Nakipov B.N., candidate of economics Sabirov M.E., Candidate of Law Bizhan N.R.

Speakers of a scientific conference held in court of the SKR

Prize-winners of International Olympiad “Law”, held in Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi

The effectiveness of all professional practice is noticeable by the competencies of students obtained during the practice of students.

Students of the “Law” department annually take part in regional and student Olympiads and scientific projects, student intellectual games and scientific seminars, round tables, competitions, intellectual games.

Problems recognized as relevant are discussed by students in close connection with society through the media.

The department has 8 modern classrooms, including there are computer classes equipped with new equipment, 2- Trial halls, 1 forensic laboratory.

Master classes and mobile lawsuits are held at the university with judges of the court of the South Kazakhstan region.


The special display case on the section “Forensic Technique” in the laboratory contains the following items and tools that have been analyzed:

  1. Phototable
  2. Dacto cards with fingerprints
  3. Plaster casts with footprints
  4. Plaster casts of vehicle tracks
  5. Various locks, tools (for detecting traces of hacking)
  6. Forensic cold weapons: (knives, sharpening, dirk, etc.)
  7. Weapons: (models of types of pistols, revelvers)
  8. Cartridges: (shot bullets, cartridges, cartridges)
  9. Tazdy Karular (markets for various types of pistols)
  10. Forensic counterfeits and fake documents (photo album)
  11. Forensic Habitoscopy (photo album, videos)
  12. Forensic registration (F.1.0, F1.1 cards)

At the same time, students in the specialty 5В030100 “Jurisprudence” in intellectual games “Leader of MSTU”. For each holiday organized meetings related to jurisprudence, round tables. Students show great interest and take part in the discussion of topical issues on the topic.

In order to prevent terrorism and religious extremism, meetings are constantly held with the staff of the Center for Social Initiatives of the Department of Religious Affairs.

Students of the department actively participate in the actions “We are against drugs!”, “Movement against AIDS”. Among the 1,2,3-course students, the leadership of the Youth Committee holds various charity events, the Young Lawyer tournament. The winning students are awarded the M.Onalbek Cup, which is the founder of the university.

On the basis of the department “Jurisprudence” operates the scientific student circle “Seven Charters”. Students ‘scientific circles are one of the forms of scientific work aimed at the formation of students’ research skills in free and special time, contributes to the scientific activization of students.

In order to develop professionalism, ensure that teachers are aware of the new role of students and their rights, the principles of student-centered education, the teaching staff of the department continuously undergo advanced training, make reports to familiarize students with their new roles and rights, with the principles of student-centered education, informatization.

According to the profile of advanced training, the faculty is trained in innovative technologies, innovative forms and teaching methods. All teachers annually take part in seminars and practical training for improvement. Methods of application of information technology.

The department meets the requirements for licensing the educational activities of the faculty.

In the 2017-2018 school year, the percentage scientific ratio of the department was 50% of the total number of teaching staff.

Personnel policy of the department of “Law” is aimed at systematically increasing the scientific potential of teachers. Pedagogical, educational, methodical and educational work is carried out, students’ research work is being managed, and independent research works are being carried out.

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