Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology

The Dean of Faculty of Natural sciences and Technology, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor – Yusupbaev Zhaksylyk Shorabekuly

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology occupies a special place among the departments that use advanced technologies of the South region. The Faculty is one of the leading faculties of training, as well as conducting research and teaching work.

Today, the faculty consists of three departments, which train specialists in seven specialties. The faculty has teachers with high pedagogical skills, who have made a contribution to national science. Currently on the faculty in order to achieve good results working                   1 academician of NAS RK, 9 doctors and professors, 40 candidates of science, professors and associate professors, as well as Master of Science. Faculty works closely with research centers in the region and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Faculty chairs:

Graduates with a degree in 5B011200-Сhemistry can work in all educational institutions, law-enforcement bodies, customs and tax police, oil-chemistry, laboratory food, textile, chemical, sanitary-epidemiological and pharmacological production, light industry, food, leather, woodworking, glass, porcelain industry, in production for building materials and ceramics. Graduates with a degree in Biology-5B011300, can work in the arboretum, zoos, nature reserves, sanitary and epidemiological stations, research institutes, in all educational institutions, ministries and departments.

Graduates with a degree in 5B060800-Ecology can work in environmental agencies and centers, nature reserves, land committees, water resources, operation and protection of facilities, weather stations, inspections on water protection, scientific research institutions, in all industrial enterprises of the national economy, educational institutions , ministries and departments.

 The objects of professional activity of graduates in the specialty 5B070400-Computers and Software are computers, systems and networks; computer systems of information processing and management; System-aided design; Software, computer equipment and information systems (programs, software and systems).

Objects of professional activity of bachelors specialty 5B073200-Standardization, Metrology and Certification (by industry) are: products (services), processes (works) and systems; equipment companies and testing laboratories (centers); methods and means of measurement, testing and monitoring; technical regulation, standardization, certification and quality management; metrological provision of scientific, industrial, social and environmental performance; normative documents of standardization systems, certification, quality management, metrology.

Graduates in the specialty 5B070300– “Information Systems” can work in enterprises and organizations that develop, implement and operate information systems in various fields of human activity in the following positions: specialist of the highest qualification level, software technician, system programmer, system administrator of computer networks.

Call of accommodation facilities graduates specialty 5B060200-Informatics are: Design, scientific-research institutes, governments and departments of information technology, financial institutions, businesses, educational institutions, educational institutions, industrial production.

Call of accommodation facilities graduates specialty 5B010900-Mathematics include: secondary, primary and secondary vocational schools, research institutes, public authorities, public and government organizations, used mathematical methods in their work. At the same time students of all specialties involved in scientific research, starting from the first year.

Can win prizes by participating in many international events. By carrying out research work in the future, can prepare graduation projects and submit them to grant competitions. These projects are recommended for large enterprises and factories of the country.

Faculty and students over the discussing the students’ self-governmental work


The employment of students in human anatomy class laboratory

During the lesson of  “physics”


Approval of education experience


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