Chair of Chemistry and Biology

Kydyrbaeva Aigul Yelemesovna, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor

The department “History, Geography and Biochemistry” was opened in 2004 as part of the Faculty of Pedagogy. In the 2007-2008 school year, the name of the department was changed to “Biochemistry”, and in the 2008-2009 school year to the department “Chemistry, Biology and Ecology.” In the 2009-2010 school year, the department was renamed to “Chemistry, Biology and Ecology”.

The department employs highly qualified specialists. The faculty includes 4 doctors of science, 18 candidates of science, 13 masters and senior teachers.

  1. Kydyrbaeva A.E. Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor
  2. Kystaubaev E.I. Ph.D., Associate Professor
  3. Risimbetov T., professor
  4. Baeshov, A.B. – h.ғ.d., professor
  5. Aueshov A. – h.ғ.d., professor
  6. Parzhanov, Professor
  7. Khalila A.N. – Ph.D., Professor
  8. Zhylysbaeva A.N. Ph.D., associate professor
  9. Kylyshbaeva G. B. Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
  10. Yusupbaev J. –, associate professor
  11. Kerimbekova Z. – Ph.D., Associate Professor
  12. Eskibayeva S. Ph.D., associate professor
  13. Zhusipova G.T. Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
  14. Muminova K.Sh. Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
  15. Berdalieva A.M., Cand. Senior Lecturer
  16. Senkebaeva A.A. Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
  17. Erkebaeva S.U. Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
  18. Kaladinov O.I. Ph.D., senior lecturer
  19. Saparova J. Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Lecturer
  20. Bektureeva G. Ph.D., Senior Lecturer
  21. Baydisenova T. Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Lecturer
  22. Kosauova A. Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Lecturer
  23. Egemberdiev S.Zh. master, senior teacher
  24. Zhanteeva A.T. master senior lecturer
  25. Umirzakova A.A. master, senior teacher
  26. Tulepova F.K. master, senior teacher
  27. Asilbekov B.ZH. master, senior teacher
  28. Tanatarova M.B. master, teacher
  29. Esalieva Z.R. master, teacher
  30. Bukhardinova B.K. master, teacher
  31. Shynaliev A.A. master, teacher
  32. Myrzalieva G.B. master, teacher
  33. Kistabaeva, U.K. master, teacher
  34. Tolepbergen S.T. master, teacher
  35. Boranbayeva L. Master, Senior Lecturer

The department is preparing highly qualified, competitive bachelors in the specialties:

– 5В011300 – Biology,

– 5В011200-Chemistry,

– 5В060800- Ecology.

For the preparation of competitive bachelors in the specialties 5B011200 – “Chemistry”, 5B011300- “Biology” and 5B060700- “Biology” and 5B060800 “Chemistry” laboratories “Anatomy and Physiology of Man and Animals”, “Zoology”, “Chemistry”, “Methods of teaching chemistry “,” Ecology “,” Methods of teaching biology “,” Biology “are equipped in accordance with the requirements of educational standards of higher educational institutions.

From the 2018-2019 school year, the department has a «Young Biologist», «Young Chemist», «Young Environmentalist» and «Nature» groups.

Associate Professor of the Department, Ph.D. Zhylysbaeva A.N., was the project co-owner as part of the application for the 5th joint I-WEB 530718-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-UK-TEMPUS-JPCR joint project for the project “Integrated Water Circulation Management: Improving Ability, Qualification and Influence in Education and Business”.

Under subprogramme 101 “Grant financing of scientific research” of the budget program 055 “Science and (or) scientific and technical activity” of grant financing of research works for 2015-2017. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan has completed a research project on the theme “Development of a technology for processing low-quality raw materials in order to obtain composite, antioxidant, imidazoline surfactants for oil and gas and construction industries in Kazakhstan

The following teachers of the department were awarded with insignia and diplomas of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan: J. Yusupbaev with the “Y.Altynsarin” badge, Khalila A., Zhusipova G., Esalieva Z. Certificate of Merit, Erkebayeva S., Saparova J. a huge contribution to the prosperity and achievements on the path of spiritual and social development of Independent Kazakhstan.

6 teachers of the department were awarded with breastplates “Excellence in Education” SKO.

Students consolidate the theoretical knowledge and skills obtained at the university in practice. Students of the department “Chemistry and Biology” in accordance with the curriculum on the basis of contracts are practicing school-lyceum number 77 to them. A.Askarova Atyndagy mektep lyceum, school-lyceum №15 them. Mendeleev, school-gymnasium №75, secondary school Kenesary Kasymuly №33, school-gymnasium №64 them. Z. Aimauytov, secondary school No. 60, secondary school No. 13 Mukimi, gymnasium No. 26 named after Zhambyl, teaching in three languages ​​a specialized boarding school No. 2.

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