Chair of Technology and Information

Head of Chair Senior Lecturer – Dzhunusbekov Dzhuman Sagimbekovich

The Chair “Technology and Information” trains specialists in the following specialties: undergraduate – 5B010900 – “Mathematics”, 5B011000 – “Physics”, 5B060200 – “Informatics”, 5B070300 – “Information Systems”, 5B070400 – “Computing Technology and Software”, 5В073200 – “Standardization and Certification”.

The Chair has 22 teachers, including 8 candidates of science, senior lecturers, master, teacher – 11. Laboratory assistant – 1.


1 Dzhunusbekov D.S. – Head of Department, candidate of physical-mathematical sciences, senior lecturer

2 Sartby T. – candidate of physical-mathematical sciences, associate professor

3 Agulykov A.A. – candidate of physical-mathematical sciences, associate professor

4 Kolmykpaev B.K. – candidate of technical sciences,

5 Rakhashev B.K. – candidate of physical-mathematical sciences, senior lecturer

6 Bayzakov OD – candidate of physical-mathematical sciences, senior lecturer

7 Abdrakhmanov Zh.N. – candidate of agricultural sciences, senior teacher

8 M. Abishov – candidate of agricultural sciences, senior lecturer

9 Aitzhanova Z.D. – master, senior teacher

10 Kerіmbaeva G.Z. – master, senior teacher

11 Kasimova N.A. – master, senior teacher

12 Yegizbaeva Zh.A. -Senior Lecturer

13 Balgimbekova Ұ.B. – Senior Lecturer

14 Abdrashova E.T. – master, senior teacher

15 Tolemanova A. – Master, Senior Lecturer

16 Abishova G.B. – master, senior teacher

17 Oralova A. – Master, teacher

18 Isakhova U. – Master, teacher

19 Mukhamedzhanova A.B. – master, teacher

20 G. Abdrakhmanova – Master, teacher

21 Batyrbekova P. – Master, teacher

22 Konyrbay J.A. – laboratory assistant

The practice of students is aimed at the integrated development of all types of professional activity in practice, the formation of general and professional competence, as well as the acquisition of practical experience and skills in the specialty.

The practice is an important part of the training of highly qualified specialists and is conducted at enterprises, institutions, organizations, public institutions and research centers in various fields.

The practice bases are implemented in accordance with the agreements with the following companies: «KAZTIL DAMU» LLP, «Promstroy-Market» LLP, «South Kazakhstan Polytechnic College» and others.

The effectiveness of all professional practices is reflected in the competences of students during their practice.

The department has 9 modern classrooms, including 7 computer classes equipped with new equipment, 1 laboratory for physics and 1 laboratory for standardization and certification.


The “Technique and Informatization” department annually participates in regional and national Olympiads and scientific projects, student intellectual games and scientific seminars, round tables, competitions, intellectual games, besides, a 2nd year student of the specialty 5B060200 “Computer Science” of the IF-215 group группыanat Kuralay speaking with a report on the topic “The effectiveness of the use of the system of trilingual education in computer science training” took 1st place. A student of the IF-215 group Beysenbai Aziza took the 3rd place with a scientific report on the topic “Analysis of the environment for creating web sites”.

Students showed great interest and discussed the main issues of the topic.

Meetings are regularly held with the staff of the Center for Social Initiatives of the Office for Religious Affairs to prevent terrorism and religious extremism.

On the basis of the department “Technology and Informatization” there is a student scientific circle, for students of the specialty computer science – “InfoBook”, for students of mathematical specialties – “The Young Mathematician”. Students’ scientific circles and the expansion of scientific activity of students in the free time of students or special research projects aimed at the development of skills is one of the tasks of scientific work.

The teaching staff of the department constantly develops the professional development of professionalism, teaches the new role and the rights of teachers, the principles of student-centered learning, provides students with the principles of their new roles and rights, technologies of student-centered learning and information.

The study of innovative technologies, innovative forms and teaching methods in the profile of advanced training of the teaching staff. All teachers attend seminars and workshops every year to improve the use of new information technologies.

The department meets the qualification requirements for licensing the educational activities of the faculty.

In the 2018-2019 school year, the percentage of the department is 60% of the total number of faculty.

Compliance with regulatory requirements for gradual observance of teaching staff is set at 30% in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education”.

Personnel policy of the department “Technology and Informatization” is aimed at systematically increasing the scientific potential of employees. She conducts pedagogical, educational and methodical work, monitors and manages the research work of students and conducts independent research work.

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