Chair of History of Kazakhstan and the humanities

The head of the Chair “History of Kazakhstan and humanitarian disciplines”, associate professor – Karabaeva Kulzaria Userkhanovna

The Chair “History of Kazakhstan and humanitarian disciplines” – has been working since the opening of the first university. The Chair trains specialists in 5В011400 – History, 5В011600 – Geography.

Initially, the Chair was part of the Chair of Social Sciences, in the 2005-2006 school year, the Chair of History, Geography and Biochemistry was renamed, and from the 2007-2008 school year, the Chair of History and Geography was renamed. The chair is headed by Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor, K. Karabaeva, a scientist with significant achievements in his field.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, the Chair was transformed into a “History of Kazakhstan and humanitarian disciplines.” The head of the Chair is a candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor K.Karabaeva. The Chair has 21 professors and teaching staff. 50% of them are candidates for science.

5B011400History5В011400 – «History»

A graduate of the specialty will receive a bachelor’s degree.

The profession of historian is a professional in the field of general education and special schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, colleges, publishing houses, education Chairs, institutes for the improvement of history teachers, and primary and secondary vocational education institutions.
5B011600Geography 5В011600 – «Geography»

A graduate of the specialty will receive a bachelor’s degree.

The object of the graduate’s professional activity is the activity of educational and educational institutions of the country, schools, lyceums, colleges and out-of-school education – educational institutions and laboratories, institutions of state administration, hydrometeorological and tourist stations and centers


The teaching staff of the Chair

Full namePositionAcademic degree
1Karabaeva Kulzaria UserkhanovnaThe head of the Chairassociate professor
2Baytur M.associate professorCandidate of Historical Sciences
3Abdurakhmanov N.A.Senior LecturerCandidate of Historical Sciences
4Murat A.S.Senior LecturerCandidate of Historical Sciences
5Sagyndykova B.Senior LecturerCandidate of Social Sciences
6Dinasheva L.Senior LecturerCandidate of Historical Sciences
7Abduraimov E.B.Senior LecturerCandidate of Social Sciences
8Nalibayev K.T.Senior LecturerCandidate of Historical Sciences
9Tastanbekov M.Senior LecturerCandidate of Historical Sciences
10Leubaev M.P.Senior Lecturermaster
11Khaidarov S.Senior Lecturermaster
12Tulegen Ulzia ShymkentbaykyzySenior Lecturer
13Shekerbekov K.Senior Lecturermaster
14Bolganbaeva Sh.D.Senior Lecturermaster
15Kupbaeva R.M.Senior Lecturermaster
16Beisenbaev M.A.Senior Lecturermaster
17Dysebaev M.T.Senior Lecturermaster
18Turdanova M.S.Senior Lecturermaster
19Fazyl R.Lecturermaster
20Kadirgaliyev A.T.Lecturermaster
21Tursynbek Zh.K.Lecturermaster

Basics of practice

The Chair has an agreement with internship bases in history and geography. It:

  1. Southwest Institute of Plant and Animal Husbandry
  2. Secondary school №62 named N.Torukulova
  3. General secondary school № 18 named Sh. Ualihanov
  4. General secondary school №24 named S. Erubaev

At the Chair “History of Kazakhstan and humanitarian disciplines” there is a Chair of geography and a museum. 403 classrooms are intended for students studying in the field of geography.

In our museum room, our students can enjoy ancient archaeological objects.

Quizzes, projects

Our university has a historical and literary association “Kyran”. Chairman was elected senior teacher Kupbaeva Rayhan.

The “Young Historian” circle is headed by senior lecturer Tolegen Ulzia.

The Chair of history of Kazakhstan and humanitarian disciplines has 21 faculty members.

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