Chair of Pedagogy

Head of Chair, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Lecturer, winner of the medals: “A. Altynsarin”, “Ulagatty Ustaz”, “Shygarmashyl Ustaz”, “Uzdik author” – Utebayeva Aliya Tukeevna

Achievements of the department

Teachers of the Chair take an active part in the republican, international scientific-theoretical and scientific-practical conferences. Their articles were published in the materials of the Ist scientific-practical conference “Students – Large Intellectual Potential of Society”, the II Republican Scientific-Practical Conference “Implementation of the program” Kazakhstan – 2050 “- the work of the young.” Students take an active part in university, regional, republican scientific conferences and take prizes. Our students took the most active part. In the university festival “Shabyt 2013”, “Shabyt 2014”, “Shabyt 2015”, “Shabyt 2016”, at the competition “Kizaruy” 2-year students of the specialty “Pedagogy and methodology of primary education” Kasymova Akzharkyn, Begimbetova Aizhan took the main prize.

Students and teachers of the Chair participated in the VI Republican Pedagogical Olympiad, organized in the city of Turkestan by the Chair of Pedagogy of the International Kazakh-Turkish University. K.A. Yasavi, and returned with great success.

On February 12-13, 2014-2015, a scientific-practical conference “Communication of science, education and practice” was held, dedicated to the 15th anniversary of MSTU. The conference brought together scientists from countries near and far abroad who shared their scientific achievements and fresh ideas.

On April 23, 2014-2015, the III Scientific and Practical Student Conference “Nurly Zhol – the path to the future” was held at the university, where students, schoolchildren, young scientists delivered reports. According to the results of the speeches, the reports of our students were also recognized as the best. They were awarded certificates, diplomas and letters of thanks.

At the festive event, “The Kazakh Khanate – 550 years”, held on September 11, 2015 in the city palace “Turkestan”, the students familiarized themselves with the structure and history of the Khanate Institute in Kazakhstan and the history of Kazakhstan in general, which contributed to strengthening the patriotism of the young generation .

At the university on September 23, 2015, students took part in the “I am a patriot of my country!” Campaign organized with the assistance of the SKR Committee on Youth Policy and Religious Issues. Reports on the successes and development plans of the Republic of Kazakhstan were heard. The action ended with a flash mob and the performance of patriotic songs.

On October 7, 2015, students of our specialties took part in the forum.

“Past and Present of Kazakhstan”, held at SKSPI by public fund

“A bright future – 2050” together with the Chair of Education of the South Kazakhstan Region, the Committee for Youth Policy and Language Development in honor of the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate. The forum heard reports on the history. about the ways of development of Kazakhstan, which left a trace in the memory of those present and, of course, helped to strengthen faith in the bright future of our country. The role of such events in fostering patriotism of the younger generation is indisputable.

Students of specialties “Pedagogy and methods of primary education” and

“Pedagogy and Psychology” successfully spoke at the IV scientific-practical student conference “100 steps to a brighter future.” According to the results of the presentations, they were presented with certificates, certificates and letters of thanks.

In 16 november, 2016 was held the scientific student conference “Kazakhstan – the peacemaker of the XXI century”.


In the Chair “Pedagogy and Psychology” in the 2018-2019 academic year there are 20 teachers, including: 1 doctor, 5 candidates, 4 – masters, senior teachers, 9 – masters and 1 laboratory assistant. The degree of the Chair is 47%. The average age is 45 years

Members of the chair .

  1. Utebayeva A.T. Head of Department, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Lecturer
  2. Sadykov J. Associate Professor
  3. Orazbekuly K. associate professor
  4. Medetbekova N. Senior Lecturer
  5. Sakhieva F. Senior Lecturer
  6. Yskak Begm Associate Professor
  7. Utegen K.O. Senior Lecturer
  8. Isabaeva A.S. Senior Lecturer
  9. Z. Sydykova. Senior Lecturer
  10. Beysenbaeva B.S. Senior Lecturer
  11. Kurmanbekova J. Senior Lecturer
  12. Syrlybaeva K.A. teacher
  13. Nurlykhankyzy E. teacher
  14. Askarkyzy D. teacher
  15. Barakhova R.K. teacher
  16. Ibadulla A.Қ. teacher
  17. N. Tadzhimuratov teacher
  18. Sapataeva G. teacher
  19. Zhantasova Z. senior teacher
  20. Alieva Sh. Teacher

The Chair “Pedagogy” conducts training in the specialties 5В010200 – Pedagogy and methods of primary education, 5В010300 – Pedagogy and Psychology

Members of the Chair at a meeting with representatives from the Tajik Pedagogical University, Penjikent, Republic of Tajikistan

Head of the Chair Utebayeva A.T. at the seminar in the educational center named after B.Momyshuly of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Open educational lesson “Ustaz zhaksynyn – mykty mouth.”

Festive event dedicated to “Uly – Nauryz”


At the scientific student conference “Kazakhstan – the peacemaker of the XXI century”.


At the scientific student conference “Kazakhstan – the peacemaker of the XXI century”.

Студенты 1-го курса специальностей «Педагогика и методика начального обучения» и «Педагогика и психология» участвовали в мероприятии «Дорожная карта бизнеса – 2020», организованной в филиалом АО «Развитие» фонда развития бизнеса в ЮКО, где получили информацию о программе развития бизнеса и проекте «Старт-ап Будущее», что способствовало воспитанию целеустремленности.

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