Faculty of Sports and Art

Dean of the Faculty – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Lecturer Kulalbek Ilyasovich Alshinbayev

In 1994 he graduated from the Shymkent Pedagogical Institute of Physical Culture, a teacher of the discipline “Physical Education”.

Faculty address: st. Bykovskaya, 54

Phone number: 87012500715

Since 2018, he has been the Dean of the Faculty of Sports and the Arts at the International Humanitarian and Technical University.

Author of more than 100 scientific articles, 10 textbooks and 271 textbooks.

The faculty has two departments:

  1. The Chair of “Physical Education”
  2. The Chair of “Arts”

Employees of the faculty of “Sport and Art” are quite distinguished by their high creative potential, responsibility, devotion to their profession and its uniqueness. The faculty has sports clubs to improve students’ athletic performance. In particular, there are volleyball, basketball, football, mini-football section and design studio, club singing. There are 2 gyms, wrestling and mini-football fields, sports halls and training rooms. To improve the pedagogical skills of students, pedagogical and theoretical practices are organized.

At the moment, our faculty are trained athletes who are at the top of the world in the sports world. In particular:

The winner of the Asian Games in Indonesia, I. Golendov, silver medals Emelyanov S., Emelyanov T., Anhenchenko O. and bronze medalist Khaidarov T.

Greco-Roman Wrestling 2018 Kazakhstani champion Shermakhanbet MA, participant of the Asian Games of the 2018 Asian Games Amankhanova G.B.

Master of 1 course Weightlifting 2016 Silver medalist of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro Japparkul J., etc.

Kanybek Alimukhamed in the field of art, Hashimova Ira received a special certificate from “Architecture and Design” at the 2018 Regional Exhibition of Art.

Mission: provision of EDUCATIONAL TRAINING services for training competitive specialists who can meet the needs of society and business, developing the relationship between education, science and practice in order to improve the social status and innovative potential of the southern region.

The faculty focuses on the national-cultural, spiritual and steppe youth, aesthetic and patriotic education of students. In our country and in other cities with the participation of our students, long-term university events and university competitions are organized. Students take an active part in the management of the University, solve various problems of our university.

The university has issues of development of the youth policy of the IHTU, the social protection of students, Zhas Otan and many other national and regional youth organizations, the Department of Youth Affairs and Education.

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