Council of Young scientists

The Council of Young Scientists of the International Humanitarian and Technical University is a permanent collegial deliberative body on a voluntary basis.

Council objectives

  • assisting young scientists to improve their professional level
  • attracting young scientists to address issues of development of science and technology;
  • development of scientific potential and realization of creative opportunities;
  • improving the efficiency of solving the problems of young scientists;
  • representation, protection and realization of professional, intellectual, legal and socially-everyday interests and rights of scientific youth of the university


  • Promoting the professional growth of young scientists, the active participation of young scientists in basic and applied research;
  • Performing the role of a representative body and protecting the rights of young scientists in the academic council and the leadership of the organization, as well as in state bodies and public organizations, expressing the opinion of young scientists on various aspects of their professional activities and social and living conditions;
  • Combining the efforts of young scientists to solve actual scientific problems and priority scientific problems;
  • Activation of the research work of young scientists through a system of specially designed activities;
  • Improving the forms of participation of young scientists in research projects, research grants, competitions, programs, internships;
  • Formation and expansion of the network of contacts with the Councils of young scientists from other scientific organizations, higher educational institutions.
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