Research work

The implementation of research at the university is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the following regulatory documents: “Law on Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan” No. 319 dated July 27, 2007, SESR “SRW” of the Republic of Kazakhstan 5.01.024-2008.

Research planning of the university is carried out on the basis of the following documents:

  • Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan of February 1, 2010 No. 922 “On the Strategic Development Plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2020”;
  • Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 1, 2016 No. 205 “on approvals of the State Program for the Development of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2016-2019”;
  • Strategic Development Plan of the University IHTU for 2016-2020.

The research topic covers both regional and republican topical issues in the following areas.

– Rational use of natural resources, processing of raw materials and products;

– The science of life;

– Information and telecommunication technologies;

– The intellectual potential of the country.

To improve the effectiveness of research at the university, there is a system of scientific ranking of teachers, senior teachers, candidates of sciences, doctors of science and heads of departments. The results of the scientific rating are also taken into account when forming the incentive surcharge to the salary of teaching staff.

The research work of the university is carried out in accordance with the approved research plan and the strategic development plan of the university for 2016-2020. Scientific research works are carried out on 14 initiative topics covering the solution of economic, environmental, technical and technological, social, educational, legal and other urgent problems of Kazakhstan and the region. Of these, 11 are fundamental, 3 are applied.

Financing of research and innovation activities is carried out on the basis of attracting funds from various sources. In particular, the university’s own funds, republican and extra-budgetary funds are used.

Table 1. Funded projects at IHTU

Project NameFunding sourceFull name of supervisorTotal amount and term of the agreement
1Development of technology for processing low-quality lipid materials in order to obtain composite, antioxidant, imidazoline surfactants for the oil and gas and construction industries of Kazakhstan“Grant funding for research” for 2015-2017 yearsDoctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Korganbayev B.N.

6069000 tenge.


2Improving the functioning and comprehensive assessment of the entrepreneurial activities and the pharmaceutical industry of SKR on the example of LLP “ECOFARM”LLP “ECOFARM”Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor Balabekova D.B.500000 tenge.


3О литературе – патентно поиске по технологиям очистки и повторного использования сточных вод в нефтепереработкеJSC “Institute of Organic Catalysis and Electrochemistry named after D.V. Sokolsky”Candidate of Technical Sciences, Erzhanov N.A.1700000 tenge.


4Analysis of the general state of housing construction in Kazakhstan and the study of its software solutionsLLP «Beyars 2010 Stroy»Candidate of Juridical Sciences,

Sartbaeva U.К.

720000 tenge.


5Evaluation of the economic efficiency of biological methods of plant protection in South KazakhstanLLP “ECOFARM”Candidate of Economic Sciences, Sabirova M.Е.1500000 tenge.


6Development and evaluation of the strategic planning of socio-economic development of South KazakhstanLLP «Marai E7 Group»)Candidate of Economic Sciences,

Sabenovа B.N.

1000000 tenge.


7Development and implementation of methods for reducing maintenance costs and conducting research to improve production efficiency at LLP «Velmast»LLP «Velmast»Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor Balabekova D.B.1000000 tenge.


8“Study of the ecological state of the environment of Otrar district, SKR”, “Determination of the environmental impact of emissions of harmful substances from the fuel base at Temir station, Otrar district, SKR”SPE  “Ecokhim”Candidate of Agricultural Sciences,

Mamirova N.A.

300000 tenge.


One of the main tasks facing the university, as well as the entire education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is to increase the role of research and development, as well as the transformation of the scientific potential of universities into one of the main resources for sustainable economic growth. The training of researchers is particularly relevant and should be carried out throughout the entire learning process, starting with the first bachelor courses and fully realized in the process of teaching masters and doctoral students. It is achieved through the introduction of compulsory elements of scientific research in the form of term papers and projects, projects, dissertations, scientific seminars, conferences of young scientists, etc. into the educational process.

The main areas of research activities of the faculty of the University are:

– carrying out fundamental, exploratory, applied research, development and innovation activities, copyright registration, approbation and discussion of the results at Kazakhstan and international conferences and round tables, publication of scientific results in Kazakhstan and international scientific journals, including having a non-zero impact factor;

In recent years, special attention has been paid to ensuring the growth of the number of publications in rating journals with impact factor.

In accordance with the plans agreed with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, international and republican conferences are organized and held on various topical issues in the field of economics, law, engineering, pedagogy, sports, art and design.

Scientists from Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Tajikistan, Poland took part, familiarized themselves with the results of their scientific work, and exchanged opinions at the international scientific conference “Interconnection of science, education and practice.” Below are photos from this conference:

Speech Alzhanova Zhazira Talkhankyzy with the report “The use of systemic and comprehensive measures to counter corruption”. Chief Specialist, Department of Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption in the South Kazakhstan Region.

Speech by Associate Professor of the Department “Biology, Chemistry and Ecology” IHTU Ph.D. Muminova K.Sh. with a report on the topic: “Prevention and the general concept of helminthiasis”

 «Hocalarin Hocasi Ahmet Yesevî» Dr. Ahmet KIYMAZ (Republic of Turkey)

«Muhtar Awezov’un Abay yolu romaninin türkiye türkçesine çevirisinde etno kültürel unsurlar»  Dr. Ahmet Güngör (Republic of Turkey)









Speech by Professor Halila A. of the Department of “Biology, Chemistry and Ecology” IHTU

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