What to do for admission?

How to enter IHTU?

To enter the IHTU, at the end of school you need to pass the UNT – a unified national testing. Successfully pass the UNT will help diligent study of the school course and extra classes with tutors to eliminate gaps in knowledge.

If you graduated from school not this year, you will need to pass KTA – comprehensive testing of applicants.


Bachelor is an academic degree that any university student can get after acquiring the necessary knowledge of the chosen specialty. Such qualification is considered to be a confirmation that the student has a higher education and is well oriented in the chosen specialty.

Having received a bachelor’s degree, a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan has the full right to occupy certain positions for which it is necessary to have a higher professional education.

The period of study of students after 11 (12) years of study in schools lasts no more than four years. Applicants who have graduated from college or have been educated at a technical school can study at a reduced program, which is designed for 3 years. After completing the thesis, the student receives a bachelor’s degree.

specialties undergraduate
15В010200 – Pedagogy and methodology of primary education
25В010300 – Pedagogy and psychology
35В010600 – Musical education
45В010800 – Physical Culture and sport
55В010900 – Mathematics
65В011200 – Chemistry
75В011300 – Biology
85В011400 – History
95В011600 – Geography
105В011700 – Kazakh language and literature
115В011900 – Foreign language: two foreign languages
125В012000 – Professional education
135В012200 –  Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of education
145В012500 – Chemistry-Biology
155В030100 – Jurisprudence
165В042100 – Design
175В050600 – Economics
185В050800 – Accounting and Auditing
195В050900 – Finance
205В060200 – Computer science
215В060800 – Ecology
225В070300 – Information Systems
235В070400 – Computing technique and software
245В073200 – Standardization and certification /by industry/


Master’s degree

Master’s degree is the highest level of higher education. In order to be enrolled in the master’s degree  you need to have a higher education, in other words, have a bachelor’s degree, specialist or master’s degree. If we take into account the youth of undergraduate programs, then most of the graduate applicants are graduates and specialists.

In the specialties of the master’s degree , the university prepares in two directions: the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel, the period of study is 2 years and the period of study in the profile direction is 1-1.5 years

In the master’s degree  of the International Humanitarian and Technical University are accepted citizens who have mastered the professional curriculum of higher education. For admission to the master’s degree  must pass the following exams:

– in a foreign language;

– by specialty.

Admission to the master’s degree  is conducted on a competitive basis according to the results of established tests. The curriculum includes: theoretical training, practice and research work. Theoretical preparation implies mastering educational programs in specialty disciplines and fundamental disciplines. Research work combines research, preparation and subsequent protection of the thesis.

specialties    Master’s degree
16М010200 – Pedagogy and methodology of primary education
26М011200 – Chemistry
36М011300 – Biology
46М011700 – Kazakh language and literature
56М042100 – Design
66М050600 – Economics
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