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The international scientific and practical round table on international relations was held at the international humanitarian and technical University from 13.01.2020-14.01.2020.

Students of technical specialties listened to the lecture of doctor of engineering, PhD Ruslan Seleznev from Wizsza Szkola Biznesu-National-Louis University, Nowy sonc, Republic of Poland on “Applied software systems for solving engineering problems”. The lecture was presented in Russian and English, and aroused great interest among students.

In her report, R. Selezneva noted the features and advantages of higher education in Polish universities, new technologies in education, as well as issues of student-centered education in order to improve international relations, types of engineering problems and features of systems and application programming for their solution.

As a result, memoranda were signed between the heads of the Polish University of Computer Science and Skills and the International University of Humanities and technology, and agreements were signed on a two-degree educational program.

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