“Patience makes you happy”

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The statement of the head of state Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, made on April 27, showed that he is a person who understands the mood of the country, in fact, human. Also in the statement, the President called on the country for tolerance and tolerance, stressing that the gradual easing of the quarantine regime is not a return to everyday life, which we are used to.As the head of the educational institution,

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DEAR MAKTAARALS! We know about the consequences of the flood that occurred as a result of the breakthrough of the Sardoba reservoir. Everyone, of course, has a sore soul for you. All the people have just begun to realize the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, and suddenly a new disaster. We want to assure you all, we will both win and overcome difficult life periods. The staff of the International

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Mobile app «MGTU»

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Dear IHTU students, we have very good news for You! Now the mgtu mobile app with our logo is officially registered in Play market for IHTU students. By downloading the mgtu mobile app with our logo, students will take exam tests and conduct a defense of OTHERS, since the mobile app has developed proctoring, i.e. a photo of the student is recorded when passing each test question. And already in

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