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The long-term goal of the project “New generation of human rights defenders” is to promote the formation of a new generation of human rights defenders in Kazakhstan. The project is aimed at training young experts and activists in the field of human rights protection who are able to develop and implement various human rights monitoring and advocacy projects.

Project objective:

Attracting the interest of young civil society activists in the protection of human rights and increasing their potential.
Participation of young civil society activists in the preparation of reports in accordance with the requirements of international human rights mechanisms, such as the Universal Periodic Review and other country reports in UN Treaty bodies, participation in international advocacy events.
Promoting joint initiatives with existing human rights organizations, as well as with project participants from different years in order to strengthen the human rights movement.

Training and consulting support for the project participants will be provided by two leading Kazakhstani experts in the field of human rights protection, who will help them in the consistent application of the knowledge gained in the framework of the project and the preparation of high-quality reports.

Project phase:

The project will consist of four components: three thematic trainings and presentation of advocacy plans. Each training will include practical sessions with the opportunity to visit various institutions within the framework of the training sessions presented.

As a result of the project in agreement with the Federal grid company the most successful participants will receive the following opportunities:

Scholarships for monitoring or advocacy projects;
Participation in advocacy and discussion platforms for the protection and promotion of human rights issues in Kazakhstan and abroad;
Participation in monitoring projects and missions as part of various working groups (monitoring of court sessions, closed institutions, elections);
Short-term training in leading Kazakhstan and foreign human rights organizations;
Participation in various working groups on the protection and promotion of human rights.

To participate in the competition are invited:

Civil society activists and bloggers;
Lawyers, lawyers;
Employees of Kazakhstan non-governmental organizations and think tanks;
Undergraduates and PhD candidates from foreign and Kazakh Universities.

Requirements for applicants:

age up to 35 years;
genuine interest in the idea of protecting human rights;
skills of research work;
documentation skills;
previous experience in activities related to the protection of human rights, as well as knowledge of English are welcome.

The application must include:

Completed form ” information about the applicant»;
The completed form “cover letter»;
Applicant’s resume

The total message size, including all applications, must not exceed 3 megabytes.

The deadline for submitting applications to the Fund is January 15, 20120. (24: 00 Astana time).

The Fund pays all the expenses of participants related to training, namely: travel, accommodation, food.

* Note: the Soros-Kazakhstan Foundation may make minor changes to the terms of this competition at its discretion.

The selection of participants will be made in three stages:

Stage I: consideration and selection of bids;
Stage II: personal interview with the jury members;
Stage III: orientation meeting, based on the results of which, the final selection will be made;

By participating in the competition, applicants must take into account that they thereby confirm their participation in all stages of the project throughout the entire period of its implementation.  At the end of each stage of the project, participants will undergo an interim assessment of the project mentors, the results of which will decide on further participation in the project.

The maximum project implementation period is 12 months.

The application procedure (2 steps):

Applications in WORD format SHOULD be SENT by E-MAIL to the ADDRESS: application@soros.KZI
Fill out the application online at the link https://application.soros.kzinstruction on filling out an online application can be found here

If necessary, the Foundation reserves the right to request additional information from the applicant related to participation in this competition. Applications are not reviewed and are not returned.

In the Subject line, please specify “HR_activist-2020”.

If you have any questions, please contact Aizhan Oshakbayeva, coordinator of the human Rights program — tel. (727) 258-13-54 (EXT.1015).

The application for the contest can be downloaded from this link

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