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Goal: Uzbek and Kazakh is one on the bottom of the United Nations. The two cultures and traditions, religion and language of the country are identical. The hostel Kazakh and Uzbek students not only strengthened friendship and relationships, but also raise to a new level;

Report: on 10.09.2019, at 17:00, 200 people were fed at the International University of Humanities and technology. The event was attended by the Rector of Aidinov Anmelden SuperDynamic, Vice-rectors, teachers, students. I am sure that today’s event will contribute to strengthening the friendship and unity of the fraternal Kazakh-Uzbek peoples, the Golden bridge between the two countries. It was prepared Kazakh, Uzbek Kalki, national dishes. The event was opened by the rector of the University of Aidinov Anmelden SuperDynamic. Zhanbyrmen kogeredi land, country Bata kogerer me as they say “physical culture”, head of the Department “Kairat gave a blessing” before Satbekovich Kalmurzaev. In addition, our boys and girls in the hostel showed beautiful songs, dances, dances. The hostel also develops spiritual ties between students of the two countries, strengthens in the sphere of culture, education and science.

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