The main goal of the Department for international relations and academic mobility is the integration into the international educational space, the use of global educational resources.

What is academic mobility?

This is the transfer of students or teachers-researchers for a certain academic period (including the passage of training or practical training), usually a semester or academic year, to another higher education institution (within the country or abroad) for training or research with mandatory transfer in the prescribed manner of the mastered educational programs in the form of credits in their University.

At The international University of Humanities and technology, the academic mobility program is implemented in two directions:

External academic mobility – this movement of students or teachers-researchers for training or carrying out researches for a certain academic period abroad;

Internal academic mobility is the movement of students or research teachers to study or conduct research for a specific academic period within a country

List of required documents for participation in the academic mobility program

for PPP:

Application signed by the head of the Department or Dean;

Official letter from the host University addressed to the rector;

Report on business trip, internship programs of academic mobility;

for students:

Application addressed to the rector; (Sample);

A statement of the student;

Tripartite agreement;


Certificate of foreign language proficiency;

Copy of passport/ passport. personalities  ;

Photo 3*4 (4pcs);

Financing of academic mobility:

budget funds in the framework of national projects

funds outside the budget of the University

funds from the host party

Grants from international organizations: Erasmus +, British Council, USOS

Participants of academic mobility can study at their own expense

Criteria for selection of students and teachers admitted to study abroad within the framework of academic mobility:

High academic achievement

Excellent knowledge of the host institution’s language or English.

The compliance of the educational institutions of the host country

Consent of the host organization.

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