Head of the educational and teaching department

Kamenskih Nataliya Dmitrievna

Head of the educational and teaching department

For correspondence:

Republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent, Baitursynov St., 80, International Humanitarian Technical University, room 207

The educational and teaching department is the leading structural unit of the university in the system of management and coordination of the educational process. Subordinate to the Vice-rector for educational and methodical work. It performs the tasks of planning and organizing the educational process, developing normative educational and methodological documentation, diagnosing the educational process and analyzing the quality of training. ETD is called upon to promote the modernization of education through the improvement of the educational process, the integration of science and education, the introduction of modern information and educational technologies in order to flexibly respond to the social order of society and the requirements of the labor market.

The main functions of the educational and teaching department:

  • Organizational: implementation of the IHTU Policy and Goals in the field of quality, preparation and implementation of managerial decisions in the main areas of activity, providing innovative development in the organization of the educational process, organization of work on the preparation and conduct of licensing and accreditation of the university and educational programs.
  • Analytical: accounting and analysis of the prospects and current status of educational and methodological activities, identification of inconsistencies, the search for possible reserves, reporting on the direction of activity.
  • Planners: development and adjustment of the educational process organization strategy ensuring satisfaction of students and labor market needs, planning and improvement of professional practice, improving the quality management of the educational process.
  • Controlling: control over the implementation of legislative, regulatory and administrative acts in the field of education, updating and implementation of educational programs, motivation of labor productivity.

Regulatory: the creation of an effective information service system for the university’s educational units and the preparation of administrative and regulatory documentation governing the content, organization and methodological support of the educational process, the distribution of the academic load across departments, and the dispatching of the educational process.

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