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As part of the celebration of the Day of the First President, the international humanitarian and technical University, volunteer organizations “Kamkor” and Zhas Otan 29.11.2019 held a festive evening “Karttarym ASYL kazynam” for the elderly and disabled.

Goal-Today in the country a lot of attention is paid to elderly pensioners, caring for the roots. Gives such events, above all, a place for the elderly, who always explain that after the four highest interests of the country, the generation. It is a respect for generosity of soul and maturity of citizenship.

In addition, songs and dances were distributed.

The older generation, dedicated to the purpose of the public akzharma wishes and blessings.. And gifts specially prepared by their Students-spatterin presented veterans with honorable noted that always.

At the end of the word, the wise Kazakh people gave the old people a special gift. Caring for the elderly is the task of the whole society and each of us, because the aged people are the Golden Fund of our state, the Keeper of traditions, a vivid example of patriotism, loyalty to the cause, great tolerance and confidence.

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