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At the University 11.11.19-15.11-19 Department of history of Kazakhstan and jurisprudence of ENU.L. N. Gumilev spends a week at the” Tarihten den, BGN, yerteni”.The opening ceremony of the Week took place on November 11. During the event, the main rules of interviewing, resume preparation, as well as the importance of appearance when meeting with a potential employer were discussed. Our mini-festival was attended by leaders, authoritative teachers and students of our University.

As a result of the performances, students were awarded prizes and letters of thanks. Teachers Molds Bereke, Asen Ziauddin , Tolegen Ulsia, Klby ASEM did not remain without attention.

From the place where the solemn meeting takes place, you can notice the smell of a real Kazakh Yurt.Students dressed in the National image, in the Kazakh Yurt, Besik, dombyra, every year increase their style.

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