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On the initiative of the Agency for combating corruption in order to form the youth of such optimal moral qualities as honesty and morality, the international humanitarian and technical University “loyalty shop” – “Integrity Shop” is open since September 11, 2019.
The main goal is to gradually create an atmosphere of trust in society and provide students with the opportunity to define themselves as a well-honest person. The store supplied 9 different stationery items. The Committee on youth Affairs and the organization “Kamkor”, consisting of students, were appointed responsible for this.
According to the self-service system, here buyers choose the items they need from the store, leave money for the received goods in the cash drawer and calculate without the help of a cashier. That is, there is no seller in the store, the buyers of the thing have to serve themselves.
In the future, new goods will be purchased again with the funds collected at the cash Desk, and money will be purchased before the end of the year. Items for the store-stationery.
The shop is open Monday to Friday from 09: 00 to 13: 00

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