Mission: Training of personnel in accordance with international and Kazakh standards in demand in the labor market of the Turkestan region and Shymkent.

Purpose: training of qualified specialists for all levels of consumers in accordance with the needs of society and the state.
The tasks of the University are orientation of students to the future, activation of their thinking, cognitive activity, formation of mental abilities of a person, spiritual and moral education, formation and popularization of new cultural values of students.

For this: along with the educational and educational process,
Training and education of young people as a specialist; increasing the social status of a scientist, teacher to the necessary level; increasing the professional level and pedagogical skills of teachers, increasing the academic degree of teaching staff; improving the quality of higher education, improving the management system, the development of a multi-level training of professional specialists and scientific personnel (bachelor, master, PhD); strengthening the educational, laboratory and material base, attracting enterprises, organizations, funds and companies to invest.; improving the intellectual level of students, faculty and staff of the University through academic mobility

The policy of MSTU is aimed at improving the quality of education, ensuring competitiveness, demand for University graduates in order to train highly qualified, competitive personnel of the region and the country.

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