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Today it is important to establish external relations for any educational institution. Because, experience in training qualified professionals in foreign countries is always good. Shymkent international humanitarian and technical University in the framework of “joint and double-degree educational program” signed an agreement with the Polish scientific and technical University “AGH”.
 The program of double-degree education will serve as a basis for improving the quality of students ‘ education at a high level, exchange of experience with foreign youth and joint development of research work with them. To that end . International humanitarian and technical University signed a Memorandum with the Polish scientific and technical University “AGH”.  
Slomka Tadeusz-rector of the scientific and technical University”AGH “(translation: we like Kazakhstan. Hospitable state. The President was many years away from work. In accordance with the agreements concluded within the framework of the Memorandum, bilateral work is underway to train qualified specialists, develop joint research projects, jointly implement academic mobility and other programs.)
The opening ceremony was attended by both the Polish delegation and experienced specialists of the National research technological University of Russia and the international University of double-degree education “silk way”. The University of science and technology, one of the top three universities in Poland, is distinguished by its rich history and material and technical base, equipped in a modern way. Therefore, today I entered the University, – said the rector of the University.
Speaker: Akmaldin Azidinov-rector of The international humanitarian and technical University (translation: currently, many educational institutions of the Republic have started working on this program. There are also students who received double diplomas for the first time. From our University, the first group will go to the next academic year. Now they are preparing. The main requirement is to master three languages, pass the exam in their specialty and get the appropriate score.)
International humanitarian and technical University is one of the fundamental educational institutions of the city. Today it has about 5,000 students. Working in close cooperation with foreign partners gives students the opportunity to get a double-degree education.
 Nurlan Haidarov-Vice-rector for educational and social work of the International humanitarian and technical University
 An individual curriculum will be developed on the basis of a Memorandum between the two universities. Students have the opportunity to study at a foreign University of the 4th year of bachelor’s degree or the 2nd year of master’s degree.

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