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As part of the announcement of the first President of the country, Leader of the Nation Nursultan Nazarbayev in 2019 – the Year of youth , on December 4, 2019, the international humanitarian and technical University opened the IV-volume international collection of young domestic and domestic researchers “prospects for the development of science and education: modern views of youth”.
The international student scientific and practical conference was attended by rector of the international humanitarian and technical University Azhidinov A. S., as well as moderators-Vice-rector for science and international relations Sabyrova M. E., Chairman of the discussion club “Rhetoric” Tolemisova A..U., as well as teachers and students of the University.
The event was opened with a welcoming speech of the rector of the University A. S. Ajdidinov. the Rector thanked all participants of the competition of young researchers and their supervisors, expressing hope for achieving high results.
“Plenary session” – the first part of the event heard reports of students “leader of the Nation N. And.Nazarbaev”, “Kenesary Kasymuly: history, personality, age”, “modern teaching tools in vocational education”, “the value of games in education of children”, “the features of modern CASE-tools”, “Paradigmality senses of modern education”, “teaching methods of hydrolysis reactions” , “Problems and prospects of tourism development in the Turkestan region”. As the Kazakh people noted,” do not tell me to read, tokygandy AIT”, young researchers publicly told and played the results of their work.
In the second section “poster presentations” – ” Kazakh national games. Horse riding”, “Alash Horde-Rouhani gear”, “application of methods of design in the Kazakh press”, “psycho-pedagogical bases of development of personality of future teacher with the help of modern information tools”, “computer networks”, “Innovation as a factor of development of modern education”, “development of strawberry plants in Hydroponic”, “Small and medium business in the Turkestan region: problems and prospects”.
Further, students were divided into sections “Mathematics and IT technologies”, “Pedagogy and Psychology”, “history and Law”, “natural Sciences”, “Philology”, “Philology”, “art and Design”, “Physical culture and sports”, “Economics and business”.

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