Research work is carried out in accordance with the following documents of the University. : “Law RK” # 319 from.27.07.2007, SES RK ” NIR ” RK 5.01.024-2008.
Planning of research work of the University is carried out by means of the following documents::
– On the strategic development plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2020.  The decree of the President of Kazakhstan dated 1 February 2010 №922
– On approval of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 1, 2016 No. 205 ” on approval of the State program of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2016-2019″;
Strategic development plan of the University of Moscow for 2016-2020
Topical issues in the following areas cover both Republican and regional research topics.
Processing of raw materials and products, rational use of natural resources;
Life science;
Information and telecommunication technologies;
Intellectual potential of the country.
To improve the effectiveness of the University research work scientific ratings of teachers, heads of departments and doctors of science, candidates of science, senior teachers. Remuneration and incentive payment of PPP are taken into account according to the results of the scientific rating.
The activities of the University in the field of science are carried out in accordance with the long-term directions of development, the mission and the resulting goals and objectives of the strategic plan for 2016-2020.
The research work works on 14 topics of initiatives, including the solution of topical issues of economy, environmental, technical, technological, social, educational, legal and other problems of Kazakhstan and the region. 11 of them are fundamental, 3-applied.
Financing of scientific and innovative activities is carried out on the basis of attracting funds from various sources. In particular, the University’s own funds, Republican and extra-budgetary funds are used.
Table 1. funded projects in the MSTU

One of the main tasks set for the University, as well as the entire education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan is to increase the role of research and development and the transformation of the scientific potential of universities into one of the main resources of sustainable economic growth.
Training of researchers is especially important and should be carried out in all educational processes, starting with the first courses of bachelor’s degree and in the process of preparing masters and doctoral students. In the educational process is necessarily achieved by the introduction of elements of research in the form of coursework and theses, projects, dissertations, scientific seminars, conferences of young scientists.
The main directions of scientific activity of the University:
– Registration of copyright at Kazakhstan and international conferences, round tables, Discussion and selection of results, fundamental, exploration, applied research and development and innovation, publication of scientific results in Kazakhstan and international scientific publications, including non-zero impact factor;
Special attention in recent years has been paid to ensuring the growth of the number of publications in rating journals with impact factor.
In MUGUTU in accordance with the plan agreed with the MES, annual international and national conferences on various current topics in Economics, law, engineering, education, sports, art and design.
Scientists from Russia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Turkey, Tajikistan and Poland took part in the international scientific-practical conference” interrelation of science, education and practice”.:

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