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The purpose of the journal: scientific support of the program “rukhani zhangyru” and the program article of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev dated November 20, 2018 “Seven faces of the great steppe”. A deep understanding of the issues raised in the article and conducting extensive research, to implement the tasks set, systematization of research work based on the creation of international multidisciplinary teams, in which, along with Kazakh scientists, foreign specialists will be involved, will contribute to the formation of historical consciousness, dissemination of new ideas in the field of Humanities, Philology, law, pedagogy and culture.

The journal publishes the results of scientific research of scientists, teachers, undergraduates, doctoral students and specialists of other organizations of this profile in the direction of scientific and practical significance. The journal publishes analytical, peer-reviewed scientific articles and discussion materials on current issues in the field of fundamental and applied research in the following areas:


– history of Kazakhstan; research in the field of Eurasian space; – Turkology;

– archives and museums; – archaeology; – Ethnology; – law; – political science;

– philosophy; – cultural studies; – international relations; – Economics;
* pedagogy of science and creative directions
– pedagogy; – art and design; – music;
•philological science.

The conclusion about the possibility of publishing an article in the journal is made on the basis of the conclusion of the editorial Board of the journal, the composition of which is approved by the Academic Council of SKSU. M. Auezov.

languages-Kazakh, Russian, English.
frequency – 4 times a year.

The requirement for the preparation of the manuscript

The text of the article is provided on paper and in electronic form. The text must be typed in the Microsoft word text editor, the Times New Roman font, the font size of the main text-12 p. t., figures, diagrams-11 p. t., line spacing – single, indent at the beginning of the paragraph – 1.0, width alignment.
Page parameters: A4 format, margins: left – 2 cm, right – 2 cm, top – 2 cm, bottom – 2 cm.
The total volume of the article, including tables, illustrations and a list of references-from 3 to 10 pages.
The title of the article should be short and reflect its content.
For articles in the Kazakh language summary and abstract for an article in Russian tin and abstract for an article in English thin and abstract required. The content of the annotation, tuyin and abstract must be identical. The number of words is 100-150.
Information about the author (s) must include: Full Name, academic degree, academic title, name of the institution, city, country.

The structure of the article

UDC (universal decimal classification index) – in the upper left corner (11 p. t.).
Full name of the author (s) (12 p. t.).
Position, academic degree and academic title, name of the organization, city, country (11 p. t.).
Title of the article – in the language of the article, Caps Lock 12 p. t.
Abstract – in the language of the article, 11 p. t.

Abstract (author’s summary) is a brief summary of scientific work. The abstract should help the reader understand the essence of the study. The results of the work are described very accurately and informatively. The text should not contain secondary information, unnecessary introductory words, General and insignificant formulations, abbreviations, references to literature. The abstract is drawn up in one paragraph. A well-designed and translated abstract increases the interest in the article, as well as the likelihood of quoting the article by foreign colleagues.

Keywords-up to 10 words, 11 p. t.
Text part of the article (12 p. t.). You should structure the article using headings, for example: Introduction (required), Theoretical analysis, Experimental part, Results and their discussion, Conclusions (required), Notation, list of references (required). Titles are not numbered.

Tables and figures should be placed after the mention. Each table must have a name. Drawings should be clear, not scanned. Sample figure captions: Fig. 1. Dependence ….: a–…; b – …

All abbreviations and abbreviations, with the exception of known abbreviations, should be deciphered at the first mention in the text.

The list of references should include only those works that are quoted in the text and that have been published or accepted for publication.Literary sources should be numbered in the order they are mentioned in the text. Self-citation should not exceed 20-30% of the total list. Literary sources that are no more than 10-15 years old should make up at least 70% of the list.
Annotation (in Russian and English for articles published in the Kazakh language; in Kazakh and English languages, for articles published in the Russian language; in the Kazakh and Russian languages for articles published in English).
Information about the author responsible for the correspondence: Full Name, phone number, e-mail.

Responsible editor of the Republican scientific journal “QAZAQTANÝ” – head of the project office “rukhani zhangyru” of the South Kazakhstan state University. M. Auezov, candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor Janybekova G. A.; technical editor, master of history, senior Manager of project management office “Rouhani gear” Torgautov S. A., proofreader – administrator of the project office “Rouhani gear” Tibergien A. S.

The editorial Board of the journal subjects all articles submitted for publication to plagiarism checks. If the text is less than 70% individual, the article will not be accepted for publication.

Editorial office address: Shymkent, Tauke Khan Avenue no. 5, South Kazakhstan state University. M. Auezov, main building, 2nd floor, office No. 261, Project office “Rouhani gear.  phone: +7 (7252) 21-16-37, e-mail:,

The cost of publication is 3500 tenge. Payment is accepted both in cash when submitting the article, and by Bank transfer.

Bank details:

5 Tauke Khan Ave., Shymkent, Republic of Kazakhstan, 160012.

Bank details of the RSE on PCV ” SKSU im. M. Auezov»

Eurasian Bank JSC»

RNN 582100003432

IIC KZ 9894815KZT22032170 (KZT)

IIC KZ0294815EUR22030240 (EUR)

IIC KZ8494815RUB22030380 (RUB)

IIC KZ3294815USD22030617 (USD)


Code 16

BIN 990240005557

OKPO 39140473

Oked code 85420

KATO code 511013100

Appendix 1

UDC 541.18 (font size – 11 p.t.)

Askarova G. A. (12 p. t.)

Ph. D., associate Professor, SKSU. M. Auezova, Shymkent, Kazakhstan (11 p. t.)

if there are several authors of the article, it is made as follows:

Toktarov D. K1., Zhumagulov E. M1., Aidarbekova D. B2. Dairbekov P. H3.

1 doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, Karaganda state University. After E. A. Buketov, Karaganda, Kazakhstan

1 Ph. D., associate Professor, Karaganda state University. After E. A. Buketov, Karaganda, Kazakhstan

2 senior lecturer, Eurasian national University. L. N. Gumileva, Astana, Kazakhstan

3 Ph. D., associate Professor, NazarbayevUniversity, Astana, Kazakhstan


(12 PT.)

Abstract 100-150 words (11 p. t.)

Keywords (11 p. t.)

Main text (12 p. t.)

References(12 p. t.)

Tuyin 100-150 words (11 p. t.)

Abstract 100-150 words (11 p. t.)

Appendix 2

Making a list of references

Description of the book (monograph, collections):

Ramm V. M. Absorption of gases. Moscow: Chemistry, 1976, 352s.

Mechanics of liquid and gas / ed. shvydkogo V. S. M.: Akademkniga, 2003, 288s.

Separation and purification / Eds. Perry E. S., Smith J. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2008, 357p.

Chemist’s Handbook. Vol. 3. Moscow: Chemistry, 1984, 293s.

Paustovsky K. G. Zolotaya Roza / / SOBR. Op.: In 7 vols., 1984. Vol. 3. Pp. 287-528.

Description of the dissertation or abstract of the dissertation:

Ivanov A. A. Name. theses. Dis. … kand. chem. sciences’. Moscow: In-t, 2001, 189s.

Ivanov A. A. Name. theses. Dis. … Doct. Techn. sciences’. Moscow: In-t, 2001, 189s.

Ivanov A. A. Name. theses. Abstract. dis. … Doct. Techn. sciences’. Moscow: In-t, 2001, 189s.

Description of an unpublished document:

Latypov A. R., Khasanov M. M. (2004) Geology and production. Certificate of official registration of a computer program. No. 2004611198. (Unpublished).

Description of the Internet resource:

Rules for quoting sources. Available on: (from February 7, 2011).

Description of regulatory documents:

GOST 8.586.5-2005. Measurement procedure. Measuring the flow and quantity of liquids and gases using standard constricting devices. Moscow: STANDARTINFORM, 2007, 10s.

Description of patents and copyright certificates:

Ivanov A. A. Name. Pat. 2120853 of the Russian Federation. 2000.

Smith J. Name. Pat. 4859376 USA. 2012.

Ivanov A. A. Name. A. S. 163514 USSR / / B. I. 1967. No. 16. P. 44.

Description of the article from the magazine:

Aksartov R. M., Isakov M. I., Rasulova S. A. Method for the quantitative determination of leucomycin // Vestn. treasury. Ser. chem., 2003, Vol. 1. No. 8, Pp. 40-41. doi: … (if available)

Smith J., Weber H. title of the article. // Chem. Eng. Sci., 1988, V. 99, No. 5, P. 86.

Description of an article from an ongoing publication (collection of works):

Georgieva R. S. Title of the article / / SB. nauch. proceedings Of the Institute of biology. Almaty, 2004, Pp. 214-217.

Description of the article from DOI:

Ivanov A. A. Name. Russian journal of electrochemistry, 2008, Vol. 44, no. 8, pp. 926-930. doi: 10.1134/S1023193508080077

Description of conference materials:

Ivanov A. A. Title of the report. Tesas. docl. IV science. Conf. (full name). Tashkent, 2014, Pp. 77-81.

Smith J. title of the report. Proc. 7th World Congr. of Chemical Engineering. Glasgow, 2005, P. 112-117.


Kaverina L. P., Berezovskaya I. V. Seasonal changes in blood clotting indicators in rabbits. M., DEP. In VINITI, 13.09.2009, V, 21 p., No. 5853-I 89.


Report # 81047478. Imio of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR. Study of the kinetics and chemistry of processes. Almaty, 2003, 240 p.

Appendix 3

Sample transliteration of letters from Russian to English alphabet for registration of the list of references

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