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06.12.2019 in the regional theater of humor and satire, organized by the International humanitarian and technical University, a stage evening “sunbes Shygystyn sunbes Zhuldyz Abu Nasir al-Farabi and Alem tanim Hakim Abaya Gasyrlar togysy”was held. But despite the fact that Abay and al-Farabi live in different centuries, while these words have a lot in common. We recognize these scientists through the scientific and cognitive thoughts they uttered. The thoughts of Abay and al-Farabi are the great heritage of the people. We’ll do it V. x. According to Margulan, the persecution of Abay and al-Farabi is the spiritual wealth of people, their happiness and the pursuit of beauty. 

Purpose: to acquaint with the spiritual heritage of al-Farabi and Abay, to harmonize them, to recreate the millennial spirit of our people, the cultural world. That is, we must know that this is a large purposeful people’s cause… But the wonderful tender, beautifully strong spiritual thread that continues among them, we have not yet found: but even if we realize that it is, it is still far from the “vision”, so we will tell about the life and work of these two great personalities. The evening began with concerts prepared by students.

The evening was opened by 1st year students of Kazakh dance “Kui shashu”.  The students then showed an excerpt from the life of Abu Nasir al-Farabi. Abay Kunanbayev’s poems “Segiz ayak”were performed at the evening. They were acquainted with the biography of Abu Nasir al-Farabi and Abay Kunanbayev, their works were presented to the audience.Also, the Director of the Scientific center of Abay studies, Ph. D., Professor Kozhakhmetov Bektay told the guests about the life of Abay.  There were also poems and videos dedicated to Abu Nasir al-Farabi and Abay, as well as excerpts from life. One of these performances was a theatrical performance “Zhurek Teniz, kyzdyktyn barin ASYL TAS”, dedicated to the love of Abay and Aigerim. At the end of the word, Abay and al-Farabi wrote their thoughts in different words, but their meaning is related to each other. And it is no accident, who read the words and poems of Abay, did not miss the life of a man. So, the students prepared a poem and the way their intelligence and smarter every word that teaches us to live worthy lives.

Abu Nasir al-Farabi is one of the outstanding thinkers of the Turkic thinkers, one of the greatest scientists, who became the “teacher of the 2 world”.

Abay Kunanbayuly is a great scientist, poet, writer, man, in whose works he imprinted on paper, deeply analyzed and explained philosophical categories like science, education, passion, labor, demand, modesty, conscience, honor, love, Kairat, anger, Kuat and many other philosophical categories.

End up. In the hadith of al – Farabi, also in the words of Abay, the unity of the three formations, benevolence, beauty prevails. The humanistic ideas of these two scientists were widely spread in the world. They are aware of the Supreme importance of mind and knowledge.

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