The Council of young scientists of The international University for the Humanities and technology is a collegial body providing on a voluntary basis permanent Advisory assistance.

The Objectives Of The Council

Promotion of the professional level of young scientists
Involvement of young scientists in solving problems of science and technology development;
Promotes development of scientific potential and realization of creative possibilities;
Improving the efficiency of solving problems of young scientists;
Protection of professional, intellectual, legal and social rights and interests of young scientists of the University, their implementation


Promotion of professional growth of young scientists, active participation of young scientists in fundamental and applied research;
Performing the role of an authorized body, creating the rights of young scientists in scientific councils and management of the organization, as well as in state bodies and public organizations, expressing the views of young scientists on various aspects of professional activity and social conditions of life;
The intensification of scientific-research work of young scientists through system of specially developed actions;
Improving the participation of young scientists in research projects, research grants, competitions, programs, internships;
Formation and expansion of the network of relations with the Council of young scientists of other scientific organizations, higher educational institutions.

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